Our Services

What we can do for you

As well as designing your website, we can also deal with ...themes

  • Domain name registration
  • Hosting
  • Design of accompanying brochures
  • Business cards


The look and styling of a website is provided by a theme. There are a huge range of themes provided by third parties. We can suggest a selection of themes suitable for your website's content.

We can also provide custom designed themes. Perhaps you've been inspired by one or more websites you've come across. We can take your ideas and design a unique theme for your site.

Search Engine Optomisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is where we aim to help your website rank better in Google and other search engines. This includes advice on how to best use your site's content to optimise page ranking.

We also ensure that your site is compatible with the latest browsers including mobile devices and is accessible to visitors with disabilities and colour blindness.