Features for your website

Standard Features

Some commonly used features ...

  • Slide-shows & Galleries. Various transition effects, thumbnail selector, pause control, ...
  • Pages containing text and images
  • Menus. Multiple menus, multiple menu level, expanding menus, various menu effects, ...
  • Blogs. Post your thoughts to your website
  • Calendars. Present events in a calendar format, pop-ups for date selection, ...
  • Social Media Links. Promote you website with Facebook, Twitter etc. 'like' and 'share' buttons
  • Maps. Embed google maps, or custom drawn maps etc.


Sites with shopping carts ...

  • Product variations. Different weight, size, colours ...
  • Multiple product display options. Table, grid ...
  • Checkout options. Paypal checkout, tax handling, automatic shipping calculation
  • Automatic order confirmation emails
  • Unlimited products
  • Event bookings. Customers can book events online until all places have been sold or deadline runs out
  • Product images
  • Multiple product categories
  • Inventory management
  • Order tracking

Advanced Technologies

Other more advanced features are possible ...

  • Map overlays & markers. Present geographical data as a heat map with colour coded map overlays. Clickable markers drawn on a map
  • Advanced e-commerce. Checkout options in addition to Paypal, custom management and presentation of orders and inventory, selling file downloads, importing products from existing databases, coupons & discounts
  • Wikis & forums. Allow visitors can contribute to your sites content. Including anti-spam Captcha
  • Polls. Allow your site visitors to vote
  • Custom database access. Present and manage your bespoke database content
  • Advertisements. Earn revenue with Google AdSense etc.
  • QR Codes. Smartphone scanable codes