Your Website

What we can create for you

Website Types

Whatever your requirements, we can make you a website to suit your needs ...

  • Small business website. We can create a professionally designed and affordable website as an economical way of advertising your business
  • Club or society website. Give your members the ability to collaborate online though discussion forums, member image galleries and polls
  • Personal website. Blog or showcase your work online
  • Shopping website.┬áSell your product or service online and reach a whole new world of customers. Further detail here ┬╗

Editing Your Website

Our websites are build around a Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to easily edit your content. No special software is required, you just log in to your site and make changes through the browser. (If you require this feature, you will be given a username and password to make sure your content is kept secure.) There are no on-going fees or licenses - the system is yours included in the cost of the website. Alternatively, we (or another web-developer) will be able to make these changes for you.

LoginSome of things you will be able to do include ...

  • Update text
  • Format text including font style, size and colour
  • Add and remove pages
  • Upload images and insert them into your content (images will be automatically resized to fit)
  • Insert hyperlinks to on-site and of-site content
  • Upload any file type (for example PDF documents) and offer it for download by your website visitors

Website Management

As well as editing your site you may want to manage other aspects such as ...

  • Analyse where your customers are coming from and what pages they visit
  • Manage access and allocate different permission levels to different users on collaboratively edited sites
  • Newsletters. Allow users to subscribe and unsubscribe themselves to email lists